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L25 "Ocean Sun" (pronounced OW-shn SUN) is an approximately 93 year old female Southern Resident killer whale. She is considered the oldest living Southern Resident and is believed to be the mother of Tokitae (Lolita).

Early Life

Ocean Sun was already an adult when she was first seen and her birth year is estimated to be 1928.


Ocean Sun was believed to be the mother of L23 "Tsunami", who had an estimated birth year of 1952. [1] Despite there not being any actual evidence, Ocean Sun is widely believed to be the mother of Tokitae, also known as Lolita, a killer whale at the Miami Seaquarium and the last Southern Resident killer whale in captivity. [2] Tokitae, born in the late 1960s, was captured in Penn Cove, Washington on August 8th, 1970. With the capture of Tokitae, the death of Tsunami in 1982, and the death of Tsunami's two calves (L14 "Cordy" and L49 "Tarazed") in 1989 and 1980 respectively, Ocean Sun has no immediate family left. [1]


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